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Warm your taste buds this winter with Acai and You!

winter bowl

Winter is coming with its cold days, and at Acai and You we have put together a special menu to brighten up this cold season. This limited edition menu is designed to warm you from the inside out, while delighting your taste buds with gourmet and comforting flavors.

Winter Bowl - An explosion of sweet and warm flavors

Start your taste journey with our Winter Bowl, an elegant and deliciously balanced creation. Imagine an Acai Bowl topped with fresh kiwi, juicy pomegranates, sweet bananas, crunchy homemade granola and a generous dollop of our homemade peanut butter. For an even more gourmet experience, add our extra of the moment, a touch of almond and hazelnut praline.

hot bowl curry coco

Hot Bowl Curry Coco - Winter's exotic heat

Our Hot Bowl Curry Coco makes its triumphant return to offer you an exotic and warming experience. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of red curry, coconut cream, marinated vegetable strips, creamy avocado, fresh cucumber and sweet pineapple. A symphony of tastes that will awaken your senses even on the coldest day.

farmer bowl vegan

Farmer Bowl - Comfort in every bite

The Farmer Bowl is our new comforting creation that combines soft gnocchi, veggie nuggets, crunchy baby spinach, marinated chickpeas, melty feta, eggplant caviar, a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg, all sprinkled pumpkin seeds and popping pomegranates. A hearty dish that brings some much-needed warmth to your day.

Santa Christmas Latte - A Warming Drink for the Soul

Let's finish this winter treat with our Christmas Santa Latte, a tantalizing hot drink with a shot of espresso, creamy milk foam and the irresistible sweetness of gingerbread syrup. It's the perfect drink to wrap you in warmth and the festive spirit of Christmas.

At Acai and You, we have created this menu with love and passion to offer you a culinary experience that comforts the body and soul during the winter season. Come join us and discover the magic of winter through unique and delicious dishes.

To enjoy our Special Winter Limited Edition Menu, come to our restaurants in Paris 6, 9 and 11 to eat on site, or in Paris 14 for takeaway sales. Warm up your winter with Acai and You!

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