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Immerse yourself in the freshness of spring with our spring bowl!

acai bowl fraise édition limitée

🌸With the arrival of beautiful days and radiant sunshine, there's nothing like a refreshing bowl full of flavors to welcome spring as it should be. At Acai and You, we are delighted to present our latest gourmet creation: the Spring Bowl!

This spring bowl is a real explosion of colors and flavors, designed to offer you an unforgettable taste experience. Our creamy açai cream base is enhanced with delicious fresh strawberries and sweet bananas, all enhanced by our crunchy homemade granola and our irresistible peanut butter made in our workshop. To add an extra touch of indulgence, we've included a mix of tasty seeds, including chia, squash, and goji berries for optimal nutrition.

The Spring Bowl is the perfect companion to celebrate spring and the return of sunny days, and enjoy yourself while enjoying the warm rays of the sun. Come and enjoy it on the terrace, for a great sunny brunch with friends or family! See you soon at Açaï & You 🌸

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