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Our grocery store

At Açaï and You, everything is homemade - in addition to being good for your health! We have our own workshop where we make lots of treats, including our famous peanut butter and crunchy granola, which bring that touch of originality to our açai bowls!

Want to treat yourself at home? Come discover our grocery store!

acai pulp

Organic acai pulp

Have fun at home by making your own açai bowls! Our acai pulp is the ideal ingredient to rediscover the delicious Brazilian flavors that we share with you in our restaurants. Mix it with banana to have a very creamy cream!

Available in our stores

380G - €9.50

Home made granola

A bag of crunchy and delicious granola, concocted in our workshop and made with love!

Without added sugars, with a delicious cinnamon scent, it goes deliciously with our açai cream - that's why we find it in our açai bowls! You can also enjoy it for breakfast or as a snack.

Available in our stores

300G - €9.90

home made granola
homemade peanut butter

Peanut butter

Our must-have! Homemade peanut butter by Açaï and You, also produced in our workshops, is only peanuts and nothing more! Sweet, creamy and super delicious, it can be enjoyed in several forms, as much as you want... and without moderation!

Available in our stores

300G - €7.90

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