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Celebrate the holidays at Acai and You with our brunch pass to offer!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

winter bowl christmas and new year vibes

The streets of Paris light up, the atmosphere of Christmas magic envelops them, and the end of year celebrations are fast approaching. At Acai and You, we are ready to welcome you in a warm and festive atmosphere. We remain open to celebrate these special moments with you.

Christmas, New Year... so many opportunities to get together, share precious moments and taste delicious food. At Acai and You, we have prepared a limited edition festive menu that combines the freshness of our ingredients with the warmth of the holiday spirit.

Our team looks forward to welcoming you to our Parisian brunches, where every corner is imbued with a friendly atmosphere. Whether you come with family, friends or lovers, our doors are wide open to create memorable memories.

Come and taste our fruity Winter Bowl in Christmas colors with the kiwi-pomegranate mixture coated with crunchy granola flavored with cinnamon and the melting of our homemade peanut butter. An explosion of taste and texture that warms the heart and brings an original festive touch to your day.

For those who prefer savory pleasures, our Farmer Bowl is the bowl that will remind you of your childhood with its soft gnocchi, crispy veggie nuggets, eggplant caviar mousse and a delicious soft-boiled egg that runs to perfection. In addition to our essential savory waffles, donuts with acai cream and gourmet toasts... Once again, we leave nothing to chance, at AY each recipe is carefully crafted so that it is original and above all with fresh products !

To accompany it all, let's not forget our comforting hot drinks, like the homemade Peanut Latte or the Christmas Santa Latte, with its blend of espresso, frothed milk and gingerbread syrup, a real warm embrace for accompany your lively discussions.

christmas santa latte hor drink

At Acai and You, we believe that holidays are meant to be savored. So why not give a gift that is sure to please: Brunch by Acai & You. And to make the surprise a real success, slip the gift card valid for one or more brunch(es) directly under the tree. Contact us directly via the form or by email HELLO@ACAIANDYOU.COM before 12/25 to take advantage of it and receive the customizable print🎄🤩

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