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acai and you team
acai and you food truck

My name is Acai & You. Original name, don’t you think?

Hello !

Before we start, I would like to show you photos of my super-dads and the super-food truck, the Açaïmobile - which allowed me to make myself known to everyone!

I was designed by 3 young graduates passionate about sport, travel and culinary discovery. 
They created me in 2020, in order to discover the benefits of acai bowls in Paris, and take you on a journey of flavors!
The Acai & You adventure started with this food truck which makes us very nostalgic. Today, we welcome you to our restaurants in the heart of Paris for a delicious moment!  


Our engagements

All our packagings (bowls, cups, cutlery, etc.) are made of kraft, a material of natural and recycled origin. The rest is in PLA, a plant-based plastic made from fully biodegradable corn starch.

To make an enjoyable and yummy trip for you, we create our own spread with love. They are all homemade like the peanut butter and our snacks. Better quality, better taste, better texture, better nutritional intake, in short, simply better!

We grow our own acai to guarantee ethical, eco-responsible and organic exploitation of palm trees. The harvest is done by hand, with a local cooperative and their crops make it possible to reforest deforested areas.

It doesn't stop there... Even our waste has value! 
At Açaï & You, we use fresh fruit and we are committed to harvesting every residue in order to compost it and make 100% natural fertilizer for even more fruit.

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